Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coconuts and DURIAN!

Yesterday I made my twice monthly trip to the Tyler Asian Emporium. The owner goes to Houston every Wed night to pick up fresh fruit and veggies. Last night I picked up a case (9) of young Tahitian coconut, of which I'll end up freezing half the fruit and water to last longer. While I was perusing through the fresh veggies, most of which I don't recognize, I spotted an unusually large spiky brown thing that looked vaugly familiar. Upon closer examination I realized it was a DURIAN! Frozen, of course, not fresh.... but still, an intact durian.

What a surprise! I had to buy one! I brought it home and left in the fridge overnight. Then this morning I took it out of the fridge and it is sitting on the counter defrosting. I'm not entirely sure when to open it. I've read you should open it when it's still slightly frozen to keep it from going too bad. I've read it will more than likely stink up my house for days.

The interesting part is that my parents and brother are here visiting. My brother has lived all over the world while in the Air Force, several of those years living in the Philippines. He's eaten a little of everything in his lifetime and I thought it was perfect timing because I'm not sure anyone else in the family will be interested in trying it with me. My brother, Roger, was actually a little interested in trying it too.

I plan on opening it later today and I'll have my brother video tape the experience and post it as soon as I can.

I'm sooooo excited!!!!