Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Brownie bites and my son's rawness.

My son has decided as much as he likes raw food he's just not ready to go full out raw. And I'm just fine with that. Sure, I want him to be super-duper healthy.... but I also want him to do it on his own. We are both happy just having him eat my raw in addition to whatever else he eats. He has decided that Doritos taste fake all of the sudden (YEA!!!)

So, this morning I was looking online for a raw cookie recipe that would use up my ton of frozen almond pulp as I just wasn't feeling up coming up with something on my own today.

As I was searching I found a recipe for Chocolate Covered Super Cacao Squares that looked yummy. I started reading the recipe and the cookie part itself is surprisingly similar to my Magic Brownie Bites recipe I posted nearly two years ago. There are some differences, I don't put mushrooms or walnuts in mine but otherwise they are almost exactly the same. Even the how to mix them is nearly identical. And, I never posted that I ever coated mine though I mentioned I might try it someday. It's interesting that I feel slightly upset about this. I know I shouldn't. I'm sure I didn't originate the idea. There have been raw foodists for 30 plus years and I'm sure someone came out with a similar recipe before me. Still.....

Oh, well.