Monday, March 22, 2010

My (SAD) homemade potato salad - NOT!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. My family came down from Nebraska and Colorado to visit and I just had such a wonderful time with them I was too busy to post. We've lived here almost two years and it was their first trip to see us. Very exciting.

I wasn't especially perfect raw wise while they were here. I drank a few glasses of wine, ate a few smores by the fire, a piece of my father's angel food birthday cake and.... I ate a few bites of my homemade potato salad. Wow, was that a mistake. I was thinking it was mostly potato and didn't take into consideration the amount egg in it along with the mayo. It went down okay but tasted totally different than my memory of it. I asked my husband if I made it wrong or if it always tastes like that. First he thought I'd lost my mind by even tasting it, then he wanted to know if I was going to vomit it back up like the bite of steak I had that one time a few months after I first went raw. I said, no, it was staying down but I was curious about the taste. He said it's exactly the same as I'd made since I met him. It's my mother's recipe and she insisted it was perfect. To me, though, it tasted all..... fake, plastic and the egg whites had this god awful texture I didn't remember. And it was insanely salty. I've always added green olives and the olive juice instead of vinegar with the mayo and mustard and it was like drinking, oh, I don't know... pee. I don't remember any of that. It smelled good, it looked good and everyone in my family hogged it up all the while saying how amazing it was - but to me it just tasted GROSS!

No more potato salad for me! After that experience going back to 100% raw was E-A-S-Y!

And you know what? I'm just fine with that!