Monday, March 1, 2010

My son is going RAW with me for 1 WEEK!

My son is the most active person in the family. Not only from being young and on the city swim team but because it's just his nature. My oldest son is active too but my middle son is more like me, not athletic and with a more quiet nature.


We started homeschooling our youngest, the one that's going to go raw, a few weeks ago and mostly we've just been letting him unwind while doing a lot of reading, internet investigating and watching specials on Animal Planet, the History Channel and the Military Channel.

As of today I'm now working from home and starting a freelance graphics company as well. Not only will I be able to homeschool him better but it will be easier to remain raw - as well as take care of the horses and danes!

So, yesterday as I was making a raw raspberry cheesecake when my 12.5 year old, active, thin, homeschooled, I wanna be a Marine, son tells me he's decided to be 100% raw with me for a week. I was a little surprised though not as much as if it had been one of my two older boys. Eldon has always liked salads and loves my raw pies/cheesecakes/smoothies and he even likes most of the juices. I'm a little worried, not because of the nutrition part because I know he will get more nutrients than eating SAD but I'm worried that now I'm going to actually have to fix more meal type things to feed him. And, as typical for his age, he is always hungry.

So, now I guess I'll be blogging about HIS week raw.

Today is day 1 for Eldon and here is what he's eaten so far:
Breakfast: a piece of raspberry cheesecake and a banana
Morning snack: orange, banana, chia seed, bee pollen, vanilla bean and agave nectar smoothie

Here is the plan for the rest of the day:
Lunch: I think we'll just have a nice lettuce, spinach, celery, cilantro salad with a tomato based dressing. I think I'll add hemp seeds to his for crunchiness
Afternoon snack: some sort of fruit I'm guessing
Early Dinner before swim: I'm thinking I'll make mock zucchini spaghetti
After swim: another piece of cheesecake

I'll let you know how it goes!