Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anastasia, Eco-Living, Off-grid, etc.

Yesterday I stopped by Barnes and Noble not really looking for anything in particular but searching out something meaningful. I purchased Anastasia, book 1 of The Ringing Cedars series. I stayed up half the night reading it because I just couldn't put it down.

This morning I looked on Facebook for a group for the book series and sure enough, there were several so I joined the international group. While checking out the groups posts I noticed a group of photos of earth houses.

Which brought me right back to my original post nearly three years ago.

When I first went raw my whole life flipped upside down. Everything about me changed. I not only wanted to be clean inside but I wanted to be outside as well. The first and easiest change was what I used ON my body. I wrote about that yesterday and have remained steadfast in my quest to only put organic or at least natural products on myself. Then the next change was what I was using IN the house. That proved a little more difficult but I eventually got rid of the microwave and changed from chemicals to safer more eco-friendly products to wash everything from our clothes to the toilet. The plan at the time was to eventually convert our solid stick, cement and brick home into a self sufficient ranch with wind energy, a partially below ground greenhouse and other ideas.

Then we changed gears and moved to East Texas. The first issue was that everything cost more here so we were unable to buy a ready to move into ranch and home which would have been the most eco-friendly and fast choice as to not use more materials then change it over like we planned in Nebraska. So we found a 30 acre piece of land with a pond, pasture and some woods. Our second choice was to build a log cabin which we thought would be less expensive due to the number of trees here in the Piney Woods of ETX but again, that was too expensive. Next, we wanted to buy a modular type house but again, not enough money. So we ended up buying a double wide trailer. For the first six months I had headaches from the plastic and chemicals from the cheap building materials. I was miserable. Only lately have I given in to and even become grateful of our 'fate' of living in a trailer house. At least it's a home, right?

Now, I start reading the Ringing Cedars series and thinking suddenly about living closer to nature, living off the grid and becoming self sufficient. In a short, or long-if you're me, time I've gone full circle. Which is both good and bad. Good, because I was hit hard by the same bug that bit me two years ago and I'm suddenly wanting, no-craving, nothing less than living in a self built eco-home. Bad, because my husband just left 3 days ago to live 450 miles away for the next several years to make the money we so desperately need to just get by. Do you suppose that instead of using the money to build the horses barnes and fencing that I could use it to build an eco house? Doubtful as I realize how badly the horses need shelter. They've already lived two full years without shelter and with the young stallions recent attentions to three of our older mares it looks like we will be having foals next spring. My first priority is a barn. But now I'm wondering.... what about an eco-friendly barn? And possibly, what about an eco-barn built WITH a house? Wonder what the zoning laws in Texas are.