Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clothing choices, herbal skin creams and homeschooling

Accomplished a few things today and am feeling pretty good about all of them.

First, I sat down and had a talk with my 12 year old about his homeschooling. We've been having an issue with what he is reading. Sure, he is reading but it's all non-fiction war or military reading. Sure, it's historical but it's not.... Oh, I don't know. I just felt he needed to read something now and then that wasn't so violent. So he's agreed that his military addiction will be considered free time reading and that I can choose the books for his homeschooling. So, for his first book I choose Red Badge of Courage. It's a classic, it will be an easy transition for him and I know he'll like it, plus he'd never heard of it. Then I'm going to have him read Mark Twain. Can you believe that he'd never read Tom Sawyer and he was in 7th grade for heaven's sake! Nearly everyday I'm glad I took him out of public school!

Second, the last several weeks I've been working on an idea I've had for years. I don't want to spill too much I've always been a little more than just "into" herbs (though I don't often write about them here) and I've been wanting to create a few skin care creams and a shampoo replacement. For the past several years I've researched quite a lot for acne for my boys and wrinkle treatment for me. Today I started pricing the organic oils I would need to create my first batches and to start testing. Wish me luck!

And lastly I decided I was going to stop buying clothing - for myself - that wasn't ECO-FRIENDLY. I'm not big into second hand stores... sorry they kinda gross me out, but I've heard of a few in town and several in Dallas that are not what I've typically refused to shop at. But most of all, I want to own clothing that lasts, that doesn't shrink and that are more... me. I looked at one website that advertised hemp clothing and all I can say from viewing that one site is that hemp clothing has made some big leaps in fashion in the last two-three years! Whoo Hoo! Now, if I can just find prices that fit my minuscule budget :(

Oh, and in regards to raw foods - today I made a massive batch of coconut cream! But I'm out of vanilla so I froze it. Then when the vanilla beans get in I can put it through the Champion juicer with the vanilla bean and get something nice.... I'm hoping.

I also ate a fresh organic pear, 3 oranges, a cacao/coconut/cashew smoothie and a huge fresh organic arugala salad with olive oil, lemon juice, honey, a dash of nama shoya and grated ginger root. OMG! Was that ever wonderful!