Thursday, May 6, 2010

Herbal Anti-Inflamitories and Dreaming of EarthShips

Help me, I've been sucked into the black hole known as Facebook! Oh, I've been on it for awhile now but recently it's taken over even my postings for here. Friend me if you want, Aleta Lewis, as I am now sometimes posting recipes there for my non-raw friends. And, no, I refuse to "tweet" ;o)

So for breakfast this morning I made a beautiful greenish blue smoothie of mixed greens from my organic garden, blueberries, a nanner and a dash of bee pollen. Yummy!

I followed that with my morning round of herbals. Now, I've always been into herbs but this is different. What I'm currently taking is INSTEAD of the prescribed meds a doc wanted me to take.

After my last post about my neck and knee I broke down and got a doctors appointment. After explaining my history to this new doc and saying several times I DON'T DO DRUGS, she wanted blood tests and some x-rays on my knee and neck. Ok, that I can do. Typical doctor! After nothing showed up on my x-rays and my blood work came back normal she prescribed me anti-inflamitories. I explained, AGAIN, I don't do drugs and she handed me the prescription, said have a nice day and walked out the door like she'd never heard me. At first I thought she was being rude but I really think she just doesn't listen. Especially since I got a call today from a physical therapist wanting to make an appointment for my neck to rehabilitate it for it's "weakness". My neck never had weakness, it is my knee that's weak and painful. DOCTOR YOURSELF PEOPLE THE QUACKS AT THE HOSPITAL ARE ALL STUPID! (Sorry for yelling :)

Back to the Anti-Inflamitories... I figured the doc was partially right about prescribing something for inflammation so, I got on my iphone and googled herbal anti-inflamitories, drove across town to The Granary and bought the following:
  • Guggul- 2.5% Guggulsterones, 750 mg caps;
  • Bromelain, 2,400 GDU, 500 mg caps; and
  • Bowellia yielding 262 mg of Boswellic acids.
I'm trying to take 1 of each 3 times a day but sometimes I only get in twice a day. I've been on them a week and my neck is better and my knee is somewhat better. It IS hard to tell though as I've been sick for the past week with head/chest cold and super achey joints. I'm just now feeling better so I'm hoping I'll be a completely new person this time next week.

Lately I've dreaming of Earthships. The whole Earthship concept goes along with my VERY FIRST POST about living off the grid. No electric, no city water, eat out of your own garden... awe, the thought just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here's a link to the guru of Earthships, Michael Reynolds All I can say is WOW!