Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow! I was used as a "Reference" on eHow for building a pit greenhouse

Crazy! I was just checking out my stats when I noticed I had the most views from an eHow article.  How to Build a Pit Greenhouse by eHow  When I read the article, at the bottom, the guy actually used me as a reference.  Admittedly I did spend close to two years researching pit greenhouses, buying every book and paper I could on the subject and designing my own plans so I guess I was, at one time, pretty darn knowledgeable on the subject.

My new little greenhouse.
Part of me really wishes I'd had the chance to finish that greenhouse but then again, I'm now in Texas where I can garden 8-9 months of the year without a greenhouse. I do actually have a greenhouse now, but it was a little kit purchased from Lowe's for $200 and it's really all that I need here. We just set it up last last week and have yet to install flooring and build the planting boxes and workbench.  It's not bad, actually it's very sturdy and is built entirely of powder coated heavy aluminum framing and rip-stop plastic/heavy thread material.  I'm not positive on the size, it feels 8x10.  I'll post my planter box layout to scale when I'm finished. I know it won't last forever but I have hopes it will last at least 3-5 years. 

Oh, and if you're here looking for ideas on PIT GREENHOUSES for Cold Climates, I have several posts on the subject, just click on "pit greenhouse" in the Labels section on the left.