Sunday, February 20, 2011

YouTube, Greenhouse/Gardening and Green Juice

I'm still new to this whole YouTube thing. Oh, sure, I've been watching videos forever but I've only just started posting.  I posted my first on Monday, February, 14th and I THOUGHT I posted my second video on Thursday, February 17th. I just checked to see if I had any comments and it looks like it didn't load after all.  Bummer.  I'll load it again tomorrow morning when I'll have faster upload speed.  I was planning on doing another video tomorrow morning so maybe I'll just upload them both. We'll see.

Greenhouse / Garden UPDATE
My husband and I put down several layers of black weed block under and around the greenhouse on Friday. Now we just need to decide what to put on top of it.  I kinda want pea gravel but then again, I don't want to pay for gravel.  We used to own an old gravel pit in Nebraska and  I just can't get it through my head that I have no other choice than to BUY gravel when before it was everywhere I looked, for free. I find it weird... I mean totally shocking that here in East Texas not only do I not have gravel, there just doesn't seem to be ROCKS on my property.  Not even around the pond.  It's just.... strange.  Friday we also assembled a nice metal wrack for my seedlings.  It was cheaper than buying wood and this way I'll be able to grow many layers of seedlings and WHEATGRASS.  YEA!!!  Now I want a wheat grass juicer as I don't think my Champion will work very well.  I'd tried it years ago but I don't remember it working very well.  Seeds for the greenhouse are being purchased and I'll post what I buy soon, promise!

Raw Food / Weight Loss  UPDATE
So, you may be wondering how I'm doing being raw. Well, honestly I've been doing pretty well, not 100 % raw as I'd hoped, but acceptable. 
Here's a list of my screw-ups the last 3 days:
Friday Dinner: cooked vegan enchilada with rice and black beans, chips and salsa, 3 bites chocolate cake and a glass of white wine
Saturday Lunch: blue cheese dressing on a wedge salad (my mistake, forgot to order without dressing) and a Absolut Berry Acai Sour
Sunday Dinner: 6 thin slices of sun dried tomato polenta (pan fried in organic butter) topped with the tiniest bit of organic goat cheese and fresh spinach

But it wasn't all bad.... 

  Every morning I have a BIG GREEN JUICE and OVERALL I'm eating less calories and less fat everyday.   I'm trying to be loving and accepting of myself and my body.  I know my taste buds are still re-learning and sometimes I just crave SAD.  Sure, my head knows better but the rest of me is still catching up. I'll get there.

Here was this mornings Green Juice! 

So, after a week, how much weight have I lost?  About 2-3 pounds.  Not terrible.  I'll take what I can get.  I'm being overly impatient with myself because it's starting to get warm here and all my summer clothes are too small.   I have to lose at least 10-15 pounds to comfortably wear my "fat" summer clothes.  

And how is my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia?  Overall, I believe I am getting better.  The swelling in my hands and feet in the mornings really depends on what I ate for dinner and if it was high in salt or not.  Yes, salt is bad but I've always been a little of a salt-a-holic. The pain does seem to be tapering off though.  

The family went bowling on Friday night and I'm still paying for that two nights later. My right hand and wrist were a mess by the end of the hour and my hip has been... on vacation ever since.  I worked on the computer all day today and when I get up I just can't hardly walk.  Pretty painful and extremely stiff. Sure, I'm out of shape and that has a lot to do with it, then again, I walk everyday, work on the ranch, etc., so I think it was just the repetitive movement that created the unusually worse joint pain on that one hipOverall though, I do feel better as a few weeks ago I wouldn't have even gone bowling in the first place!