Monday, April 25, 2011

Animals really do know best

Okay.  I know I promised my next post to be all about coffee enemas but it's not.  No worries though, I'll get to it, Promise!

 I just have to tell you about what happened to me today.

Today I met an incredible young woman. 

It all started because I was interviewing for someone to ranch sit while the boys and I go back to Nebraska for a few weeks this spring.  I use the term interviewing lightly because I was damn lucky I found one person even slightly interested in taking on the job in the first place. 

When this angel of fortune drove up to the ranch she didn't show an ounce of fear when the dogs came running to meet her.  She didn't yell at them, scowl or even complain to me when they marked her truck tires.

And that was just the beginning.

Nap time at Dusty Creek Ranch.  Duke in front, Ice the cat and Taz on pillow.
The strangest thing happened after that. The dogs didn't even bark at her.  She just wasn't intimidated by them and they knew it.  They knew instantly that she was like us, one of us, one of the few... A True Animal Lover.  But I still wasn't convinced until she came inside and that's when she showed her true colors to me.

She didn't wrinkle her nose at the amount of animal hair floating in the air, disguised as actual bunnies under the table or ground into the carpet.  She didn't gag when Lightning the cat jumped onto the kitchen island and proceeded to drink out of the glass of tea I was about to hand her. (I did get her a fresh one.)  When Taz took a drink of water and the slimy, watery, glue-like drool that he slung from his jowls landed across her cowboy boots, she just... smiled.  When Navada, our nearly white, yellow lab, who is in the middle of spring shedding wouldn't leave her alone and proceeded to rub himself all over her dark bluejeans covering her in millions of white hairs, well, I'm not even sure she noticed (I noticed and was horrified).  Even later when Taz, who was quite taken with her by this time, insisted on sitting on the couch with her, looked deep in her eyes and licked her face in one giant, wet and recently hot dog flavored kiss, this young woman just laughed and exclaimed how "precious" he was.  Even I haven't ever used the word 'precious' and Taz in the same sentence - and I'm the mom.

The peice de resistance came an hour later after going over all the chores, feeding and medication schedules.  She said all was great, she'd be happy to do it and that she had just two questions:  Is it okay if she lets the dogs sleep with her and do I mind if she brings her own gun.

Remember that famous quote in the 1996 romantic comedy with Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger about a sports agent and a single mother?   Well, I don't think I'm exaggerating a bit when I say that if my dogs could speak they would have said,
She had them at Hello.