Sunday, April 17, 2011

Natural Hair Dye Experiement

Ok, I've taken the plunge.  But it started more  more like dipping my toes in :)

After my last post I made a mixture of ingredients in my house and put them on my hair, letting it set for 2 hours.  It did, in the sun at least, give me a tinge of reddish blonde.  Nice start but not enough. Here is a picture out in the sun but I really can't tell much of a difference in the mirror. 
My first mixture was just cloves, coffee and apple cider vinegar.  

Yesterday I mixed up my second batch of homemade hair color.
2 oz cloves
1 oz turmeric
1 C triple or more strength brewed coffee
1 C red wine
8 stems of fresh rosemary from my garden
10 large fresh sage leaves from my garden
And I boiled this for a few hours and then let set overnight on the stove.

This morning I strained the mixture and tested on white paper towel.  Very Yellow!  Opps!  I was worried about the turmeric already and I was right, I probably shouldn't have added it.  So to get away from the yellow and go more to the reddish brown I added the following and simmered for an hour:
Another 2 C extremely/triple or more strength (decaf so I don't get the gitters) coffee
Another 1 C stale red wine
Another 1 oz cloves
And still it's too yellow for my taste.

So I broke down and added a box of Cherry Jello-O.  Yes, yes I did! The color on the white paper towel is a beautiful auburn. Now I'm simmering it more to reduce amount of liquid.  The plan is after it's reduced to half I'll add a Tbs honey, a mashed banana a Tbs olive oil and some corn starch to thicken it so it stays in my hair.  I plan on letting it set for at least 2 hours.

Here are the before and after pictures!
The before was taken in daylight with a flash indoors and the after was taken at night with a flash indoors.  But the wall paint color looks pretty similar so I think it's a fairly accurate photo.  You can really see there is more yellow and less white blonde.  I'm still not sure what to think about it.  Was really hoping for more RED not.... yellow :(  I'm sure it's the turmeric.  Next time - NO turmeric. I let it set 2 and a half hours but washed it out because the boys were freaking out that my hair looked like an umpalompa - very reddish purple and they were afraid it would be awful. Boy were they surprised when it's was just slightly different and not reddish purple after all.