Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nightshade plants to RA patients really does equal HELL!

It's 10:12 am and I'm just, finally, out of bed. 

After days and weeks of eating near perfect raw vegan I ate exactly 1 1/2 cups of vegetarian spaghetti with chunk tomatoes and peppers.  I love tomatoes and peppers and I loved the taste of that darn spaghetti but they don't love me. 

Tomatoes and peppers are part of the Nightshade Family that also includes eggplants and potatoes which all contain a chemical called solanine that makes the vegetables grow at night. Solanine is actually toxic in nature and is found to be a major factor in increasing joint pain and aggravating the synovial fluid in the joints. Since it is the synovial fluid in and around the joint that is becoming inflamed or "attacked" by our autoimmune systems in the first place the whole idea of eating nightshade plants to a person with rheumatoid arthritis it like pouring gasoline on a fire. 

Last night I poured gasoline (tomato sauce and peppers) on a smoldering fire (my RA).

This morning I, of course, awoke to my own self made Hell. 

When I first awoke at 6 am to fix breakfast for the boys my lower back and attaching ribs were so stiff I just couldn't get out of bed.  So I didn't and my boys got themselves off to school.  I feel terrible about this but, in truth, they end up doing this about a fourth of the time anyway. 

I slept fairly soundly until 9:30 am and then I started evaluating my joints. 
  • Neck:  pain worse than normal, pretty darn stiff and the popping sound has come back, damn
  • Shoulders: left is more painful than right (I awoke on that side) both stiff and I can't roll them this morning
  • Elbows: Shit, are they really swollen this morning! Damn! Sitting here typing they are unhappy to say the least
  • Wrists: very stiff and painful but not swollen
  • Hands: all joints swollen, stiff and of course very, very painful.  Right hand index and middle fingers and base thumb joints the worst.  Left hand ring, pointer finger and both thumb joints pretty bad. 
  • Upper back between shoulder blades: Eh, sore and stiff but I'll make it though this area is usually fine/normal
  • Lower back: stiff, stiff, stiff and uber painful.  Going to take quite a bit of stretching to loosen that up
  • Hips: Not painful but stiff as usual.  Doesn't seem any worse than normal though
  • Knees: Painful like I over exercised yesterday on injured knees which I of course didn't do. But that's what it feels like
  • Ankles: swollen, stiff and walking was painful, creaky and stiff like was wearing athletic tape on them
  • Feet: not quite as painful as walking on broken glass/bones but very, VERY painful non the less and my toes are super duper stiff.  

Weight: 173.  I'm sure the salt from the "gasp" canned spaghetti sauce is to blame as I was stuck at 171 for the past 2 weeks before today.

What, exactly is my plan of attack to rid myself of my own demons? 
  1. VEGETABLE JUICE, LOTS AND LOTS OF GREEN VEGETABLE JUICE!!!  Fruit, a big salad for lunch and more vegetable juice for dinner.
  2. And.... COFFEE ENEMAS.  Though I have a coffee enema most days to control pain, today I may need two.  I'm brewing my first one now.  After lunch I may need another but we'll see.   Coffee enemas you ask....  Yes!  Amazing for pain relief.  I believe they were first discovered in WWI by nurses who ran out of morphine.  

You know what?  I'm going to write my next post all about COFFEE ENEMAS!