Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on the Ranch - 2 fillies joined us!

It's a little late news, but better late than never!

 "Charlie Horse" was born on March 10th around 3:30 am to Bridget.  Charlie is a gorgeous little BLUE ROAN FILLY!!!  I couldn't have wished for more!  She is tiny, possibly born a tad bit early but she is awesome non the less and I'm completely in love with her! 
The two pictures taken with her mom were of her just hours old.  The last picture of her asleep in the hay puts her about 24 hours old.  Adorable, isn't she?!

 Belle finally had her foal, almost exactly 2 weeks late.  She had a beautiful bay filly with a small star.  We called her "Lexi Long Legs" for obvious reasons!  She was a monster in comparison to little Charlie Horse!  In these pictures she is only a few short hours old.  If you look close she still has wet patches on her.
 I plan on going out tomorrow and taking updated pictures of the little girls as they just over 5 weeks old now and need new photos :)