Friday, May 6, 2011

I posted this on Facebook just a few minutes ago and wanted to share it here. 
"I'm confused by people who believe in God yet don't trust Him enough to treat themselves with HIS medicinal creations here on Earth and instead fill themselves with chemical poisons created by man."
The reason I wanted to share this is threefold.  First, as you all know, I am ANTI PHARMA and happy to be so (maybe that should be my next tattoo?)  Second, I try not to discuss religion here. And third, the reason I don't discuss religion is because for the past several years I have been dealing with my own inner turmoil that I may not believe in the God that most American's worship. Yes, to all you believers out there I just admitted that I'm not sure I, Aleta Marie Pearson Lewis, believe in God.  
Yes, I believe Jesus was alive, walked on this Earth and died.  Do I believe he was the son of the Almighty?  I don't know!  My first thought is that we are ALL children of a god or gods and goddesses, therefor the statement that Jesus was god's son is accurate. Was he sent here for the purpose of the life that he lead, to supposedly die for our sins?  Again, I have to lean towards agreeing, because I believe we are all sent here to live the lives we are living.  I am living with RA and controlling it with living foods because I chose that path long before my soul entered into this body.  

My problem seems to be with the notion of ONE god over all else. How.... silly that is to me.  It's like thinking we are the only beings in the entire galaxy. (Or is it universe? Which is bigger?) There doesn't seem to be any possible way, when you look at the size of the 'sky' that there isn't millions of other kinds of lives and souls out there too.  So, why, when there are so many souls out there, can I believe that there is only one god over all of us?  I can't. It's impossible for me.  
My beliefs are kinda simple.  We are all 'living souls' that never die.  We live physical lives, multiple times, possibly even on multiple planets or planes.  When our physical bodies die we go back to the source where we recuperate and choose where to go next.  What lessons do we want to learn or experience next?  What loves and losses do we want to feel?  What physical or mental issues do we want to learn from? Our 'lives' are all about learning and it never stops.  I'm not afraid of death because I know it's only my physical body, my hopefully 100+ year old crippled body, but it's only one piece of my personal, never ending, living soul.  
And when I meet up with Jesus again I will love him just as much as I love Budda, Hecate and YOU.