Friday, May 6, 2011

I thought I'd slip in a short post while I'm waiting for my morning "Upside-down Coffee" to percolate.  I'll give you all the details about my morning ritual tomorrow or possibly next week.

It's 11 am and I've only been out of bed an hour.  Last night was.... was what?  A bastard? A bitch? I'm not sure there is a word for just how bad last night was.  Then again, it wasn't so bad that it made my cry or anything and believe me when I say there have been nights in the past 6 years when I've lost my stoic composure when it comes to this nightmare of a disease.  Lets just say, it was BAD and leave it at that.

BJ's Brewhouse Dark Sampler
And why was last night so bad you ask?  
Simple chemistry. 
I ate deep fried avocado egg rolls for lunch and washed it down with not just a light beer, because I don't actually like those pee-water type beers,  no, I washed it down with a sampler set of BJ's Brewhouse dark beers.

From lightest to darkest there was: BJ's Jeremiah Red, Nutty Brewnette, BJ's P.M. Porter and Tatouka Stout (the last two were nitrogen infused, Yum!) Notice the beautiful foamy head on the last two.  Thick and creamy, Oh My!

I liked them all, especially in comparison to say, Budweiser, but if I had to choose one it would be the BJ's P.M. Porter.  It was awesome.  Let me repeat that again (in an outrageously high voice with emphasis on the last word), "It was AWESOME!"   My second choice, for an everyday beer would be Nutty Brewnette.  It wasn't as smooth as the nitrogen infused darker beers however I might actually be able to drink more than one without it kicking my ass.   But lets not forget the darkest and most sinful of all, the Tatouka Stout.  If you were in the mood for a romantic night curled up next to the fire with your lover and a box of chocolates it would be difficult for me to choose between champagne (possibly my all time favorite alcohol, besides gin and of course dark ales) and that beautifully seductive, smooth and slightly smoky stout. 

But I'm getting carried away here. 

I was wanting to discuss the effects on my rheumatoid arthritis when I eat and drink poorly but I guess my post went elsewhere.  Sure, as you can tell by my gushing review of those wonderful dark beers, I love to eat and drink what most people would consider 'well' or at least above average.  Seriously though, in the scheme of things I actually had a small to average sized vegetarian lunch with less than 16 oz of beer and 2 glasses of water.  What's so bad about that?  For the average person, there is nothing wrong with what I had for lunch yesterday, possibly even healthier than most.  For me, well, I just can't eat like that anymore and not pay for it later.  It makes me sad. 

And yet, here I am, having been diagnosed over 6 years ago with a crippling disease, I am still typing away, still walking (though heels are only for very special occasions) and still complaining about controlling the pain and stiffness through diet yet when people look at me they see a completely normal and healthy 42 year old mother of three gorgeous and empathetic young men. 

I guess that's not all bad.