Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer gets away from me! and my worst flare EVER

Wow, How does summer get away from me so fast? 

Over Memorial weekend I took my children back to Nebraska to spend time with their grandparents, older brother and my middle son's father and his family.  I came home to the ranch alone and have been enjoying my time alone.... mostly.

Overall my high raw has been easy.  No chips, bread or cheeses to pull me in with the boys and hubby gone.  The few times I'm had anything other than raw was the once I made popcorn on the stove (in just olive oil no microwaved chemical laden popcorn for me!)

I've been juicing, having smoothies, lots of berries and greens and I've been feeling... okay.  Just okay.  And why is that? I should be feeling amazing right?!  Well, as I'm alone, every evening I get lonely.  I mean, shoot.  I'm out here in the Texas back country, all by myself with a few dogs and the horses.  The neighbors I do have don't seem to have much in common with me so we just avoid each other, lol.  So, what has been keeping me company?  Oh, beer, gin, wine, rum....  I've not been drinking like a crazy person but I am having a small drink every single night.  And that has caused.... the two worst flares of my life. 

The first one was bad enough I tried to quit drinking.  For a day or two.  Then on Friday I went to town shopping and had two gin and tonics with lunch.  By Friday night I had a fever and the worst flare of my life.  Sleep was impossible most nights between my knees, hips and now my neck and spine along with my ribs (?!) have decided to just stop being flexible.  I walk all hunched over and can't sit or lay in the same position for very long.  And then there is my hands.  Both are very bad but after the flare lessened I'm finding my right hand just doesn't want to work as well as it used to.  I used to be a near perfect typist (years of working for a lawyer) but now I'm fighting a surprising amount of mistyping from just my right hand.  And now I can't seem to open a door.  My index finger seems to have taken on a claw like look and seems to have just quit working.  Also my pinky tip literally twisted over night. 

So, what have I learned this past 30 days?  Well, raw foods may cure me but if you're still drinking alcohol, no amount of raw food will counteract the bad.  So, I've quit again.  Lets hope this time I can keep it to just special occasions.  That works best for me.