Monday, July 25, 2011

Food IS the Cure

Zucchini w/cashew sauce, wilted spinach. Raw cacao bites and Rosemary tea.
Food IS the Cure.

That's a pretty bold statement, isn't it? 

Most people today will totally disagree with my statement... and trust me when I say they will disagree very LOUDLY.  I believe that the majority of people on this planet depend on doctors and pharmaceuticals to cure them of what ails them.  I'm completely guessing here, but I think that the next largest group of people believe that their cure will come from their religion or their god. Then, maybe, you will find my group, those of us that believe food is the cure for the majority if not all of both physical and emotional issues.

When I first started searching for 'natural cures' I really didn't have any preexisting theory of what a natural cure might actually be.  I had no idea I'd find the answer in food.  The idea of herbs being made into tonics wasn't too far out of my thoughts but actual food hadn't come to mind.  Though I've always been a bit of a hippie/nature lover I can't explain to you why the answer of healing simply from food hadn't been obvious to me in the first place.  I guess growing up in the 80's with burgers, Doritos and Coke as my main 'food' overshadowed my soul's innate knowledge of the curative power of living foods.

From my initial internet research I've found and read many books on how to achieve good health and find natural healing over the past 7 years.  Some of them I've read all the way through.  Many I've read several times over.  Others I've only skimmed through yet still managed to get quite a bit of information from.  Thanks to that teacher in middle school who taught me to speed read. Though that skill has been both a curse and a blessing as I can take in massive amounts of information quickly and retain it but I also have never been able to sit and enjoy a novel as they are supposed to be read.  But I'm off subject...

The books and website I've read have mostly been authors interested in nutrition as the medicine of choice.  I've read many of the raw food gurus: Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson Institute, Paul Nison, Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch, David Wolfe, Dr. Douglas Graham and Dr. Gabriel Cousens  just to name a few.  I have personally found these people exceptional in the field of health and nutrition and truly inspiring.  However, it is still  Andrew W. Saul  that is my all time favorite. If you haven't been to his website-GO NOW!  I've owned and given away most of his books and now refer to his website at least monthly if not more. Maybe it's because he was the first I found when looking for a cure for my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Maybe it is because his teaching and information is just easy to follow not to mention that I love his stories of previous patients and just exactly how his recommendations helped them.  It's always great to read about others positive experiences.  For me, Andrew Saul is responsible for not only completely changing the way I look at food and live my life but he also turned me onto other, in my opinion,  geniuses in the health world, namely those I mentioned above and, in my opinion one of the all time greatest, Linus Pauling.  I don't know if I ever would have found the book How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Linus Pauling if not for Andrew W. Saul.

In Pauling's book his first chapter is short and sweet, Good Nutrition for a Good Life. Yes, he says, it really can be that simple.  The rest of the book explains exactly how to go about this but essentially it really is that simple-good nutation does equal a good life.  There is a short and sweet 12 step list in his second chapter that really makes his theory easy to follow.  I'm not going to give you the specifics, you can buy his book here, but here are the basics:
  1. Take Vitamin C
  2. Take Vitamin E
  3. Take the B Vitamins
  4. Take Vitamin A
  5. Get your Minerals everyday
  6. Don't eat Sugar
  7. Eat natural unprocessed foods in moderation
  8. Drink Water
  9. Exercise in moderation
  10. Limit alcohol
  11. Don't smoke cigarettes
  12. Be Happy
He does not mention the use of chemicals or pharmaceuticals, nothing outrageous or difficult to follow, and definitely nothing that is going to cause you more harm or give you side-effects other than the side-effect of good health. 

That's what I love about healing naturally with nutritian--- "food".  It really is simple once you learn the basics.  There are no side effects, unless you have an allergy to a specific food.  Nothing is going to harm you or make you more sick, again, unless you have an allergy.  Nothing, in it's natural state, is going to give you cancer (the pesticides and waxes might however).  Everything is and has been found on this planet for thousands of years.

As a person with more than one unseen and chronic auto-immune disease I often find comfort in being a member of online support groups. Yet at the same time I am but an itty bitty minority in these groups.  There seems to be only a handful of people out there that are attempting to live with and cure their diseases naturally and even some of those still take medication.  To be honest, I don't personally know of anyone who is completely drug free like myself.  If you are like me or know someone like me... please comment or email me, I'd love to hear from you!

I think my next blog post should be about why I became so anti-pharma.... Stay tuned, I'm going to have some real personal opinions in that coming post!