Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Raw Cowgirl on a typical day

Thanks to an email from a follower I've decided to run you thru a typical day in my life.  Well, the interesting parts that have to do with raw foods and how I live to control my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia without prescription medications.  I've included tons of links on this post so click away and you'll learn all sorts of new stuff!

But first let me say that this is what I've learned works (most of the time) for me.  I'm constantly changing and tweaking and sometimes quitting altogether.  My way of life is a work in progress. What worked for me 3 years ago doesn't work for me today.  I believe our bodies are constantly changing and therefor the way we treat them needs to change and evolve as well.   

Also I'm certainly not a doctor nor do I have any education in the nutrition or medical field.  (I went to college for fine art and art history for heaven's sake!) Please read the following as entertainment only and not a recommendation for anyone else to live.

Wake Up 1st time
I'm usually awoken around 5:30 or 6 am to let the dogs out.  They are used to this time because when school is on that's when the boys wake up... certainly not my choice!
  • While waiting for the dogs I set up my "upside-down" coffee to brew.  I use 2 Tbs organic coffee to 2 Cups boiling water and just let it sit and brew on counter till later.  Then I go back to bed.

Wake Up for the day

  • First thing is that I eat a small bit of fruit like an apple or a mango. I do this for a couple reasons, first I'm a little hypoglycemic and second it wakes up the digestive system for my coffee enema later.
  • Then I have my morning alkalizing shot.  It's 1 Cup water, 1/4 tsp MSM powder, 1Tbs Spirinilla or other green superfood, an the juice of one lemon.  I often put in a couple drops of flower essences (crab apple helps you feel better about yourself and accepting yourself as the way your are and mustard which supposedly makes you joyful) and a dropper of colloidal silver if I'm feeling like I might come down with a cold or the kids are sick.  
  • Now it's time for Upside-down Coffee from the Gerson Institute.  I strain the coffee grounds from the 2 cups I set out earlier and add 2 more cups of hot spring water for a total of 4 Cups which I put in my stainless steel enema bucket that I got here.  I like to wait and "go" to the bathroom before the enema so my colon is mostly cleaned out.  I suggest you get the Gerson book and follow their directions if you are interested but as I said I'm going to tell you how I do it. So, I take in about half the coffee and hold for 12-15 minutes... expel and do the second half the same way.  If I'm running short on time I do the whole thing but trust me you have to build up to that, lol!
  • Now, it's finally time for breakfast.  I have two standby choices; either a green juice or a smoothie. Green juices help me the most when I'm feeling my worst but of course the smoothies taste better. 
It's the green BEAUTIFUL!
  1. Green Juice is usually: handful parsley, handful or two kale or spinach, 1 large or 2 cucumber or zucchini, 1 whole lemon or lime, no peel, 1-2" ginger root, peeled, a few sprigs mint optional, half a fennel bulb and greens if I have one around, and either an apple or pear.  I took this from Dan McDonald "The Life Regenerator"
  2. Smoothies are all over the place. Sometimes I make a raw cacao smoothie, sometimes fruit like mango or pineapple, sometimes just banana and vanilla.  Occasionally I make green smoothies if I know my body needs the greens but I don't want a juice.  But I almost always add Maca and Lucuma powder. Other ingredients I love in smoothies are chia seeds, hemp, hemp oil, coconut oil, green powders, mesquite powder, raw vanilla powder, MSM, etc.
Orange Rosemary Pecan Salad
  • I usually have a big salad.  Ok, it's more accurately described as huge.  It's most often just mixed spring lettuce or arugula or spinach and or all or just one.  I seldom put anything in it.  Maybe an orange, strawberries or an apple, maybe hemp seed or nuts, but thats all.  I never put in tomatoes or peppers because they are BAD BAD BAD for me.  My dressing is almost always a variation of an oil and an acid.  Olive oil or an avocado blended with citrus juice or apple cider vinegar.  Occasionally I'll put in some coconut aminos or curry powder or other fresh herbs from my garden like basil, cilantro, etc. I NEVER use packaged dressings.  Ever.  They are full of sugar and chemicals - all bad. 
  • After lunch I take my vitamins: Kava Kava, Boswella, Bio E with Selenium, Guggul, Relora (Now brand) and DHEA.
During the Day
  • Everyday I drink several glasses of authentic fresh from the ground spring water.
  • I also love Kombucha and try to have a half or full bottle everyday.  Favorite flavors are Guava and Mango.  I want to grow my own but I just haven't gotten around to learning how yet. Lots of healing properties in kombucha read about some here and here.  I should mention that I don't drink anything - and I mean nothing other than water, kombucha, juices and smoothies I make myself, or herbal teas.
  • Herbal Teas:  Here are a list of the herbs use all the time: Horsetail, Pau d'Arco, Cat's Claw, Nettle, Rosemary, Spearmint and Chamomile.  This is my favorite herb book.
  • I try to get at least a minimum of 30 minutes of sunlight on as much of my skin as possible.
  • I also try to walk in the evenings or do some light stretching and or yoga depending on how I'm feeling that day.  Any movement helps me even if it hurts too.  Mostly though I get enough movement taking care of the ranch.
  • I love rocks, crystals and healing naturally with the earths vibrations.  I sleep with a large rose quartz by my head and I often wear or carry different stones. My favorite bracelet I made to help with the RA in my hands is made of amethyst.  I recommend these books, The Crystal Bible and Crystal Healing both by Judy Hall.
  • By the way, I'd like to add here.... sex.  Sex is good! It releases endorphins which alleviate pain and come on, it makes you smile and sweat and bring you closer to your loved one :)
Lemon "cheese" cake
    Berry Raw "cheese"cake
  •  I can't live without BANANAS, APPLES, MANGOS, and ALL THE BERRIES.  Seriously, I think I'd die without my fruit :)  And I eat a lot, several a day - Keep the doctor away.
  • I love raw cacao, read Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe.  I make lots of raw fudge, cookies, etc.  Usually the base is coconut oil and or coconut butter.  Read the book the Coconut Oil Miracle by  Jon J. Kabara 
  • And I also love my raw pies and cheesecakes- again coconut oi, fruit, nuts... all the good things for you. 
  • There is another snack I almost forgot to mention that I use for pain management...  It's a medicinal herb I use to make raw cacao "Magic" bites with.  If I lived in Colorado I could get a prescription for it but not where I live... yet.  To help us win the fight support here.
    Kelp Noodles with raw Pesto
    •  Most of the time I eat some sort of "pasta" for dinner.  I love raw kelp noodles but also use cucumbers or zucchini spirilized and topped on a bed of lettuce or wilted spinach.  I like rawfredo sauce or a raw pesto or this peanut sauce by Carmella is awesome.
    • I also like raw soups in the winter.  Especially a warm carrot curry soup like this one. I also love Ann Wigmore's Energy Soup  
    • Boats are a fun way to eat too. Just top lettuce leaves with, well, nearly anything shredded with herbs and or nuts and a dressing of some sort.

      Spinach w/Rawfredo noodles
    Ann Wigmore's Energy Soup
    Beetroot Boats
    Before heading to bed
    I'm big into Essential Oils and recommend this book.  Every night before bed I rub a mixture of oils on the joints that are bothering me, well, okay, all my joints back and neck.  The base oil is 2 Tbs apricot kernel but you can use whatever oil you prefer be that almond, grape seed, olive or whatever. Mix into your base 8 drops Chamomile, 10 drops Lavender, 2 drops Peppermint, 8 drops Eucalyptus and 10 drops Rosemary.  I usually mix up a large amount good for a week or two at a time.  It not only helps relax my joints but helps me sleep sounder.

    Well, I hope the trip through my day didn't bore you too much.  A little secret though.  I'm not perfect, as you know if you've read any of my older posts, so I'm a normal person and I cheat now and then.  A glass of wine, a cooked vegetarian egg roll, chips and salsa...  But I cheat and then I move on.  I go right back to "my way of life" and hopefully I get back to feeling good asap.  Life is a journey and I like to take the long way around.  Happy trails, Y'all!