Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Juice and a Shout Out to The Wellness Warrior

 Just thought I'd share my breakfast with you this morning. 

5 Carrots
1/2 bunch Celery
1 small Beet plus greens
1/2 bunch Parsley
1 Zuccinini
1 Apple
3 leaves purple Kale
2" Ginger root (it's under the carrots)

And yes - everything was organic! Opps... I may have just lied to you... it's possible that zucchini wasn't.  But I always peel zucs so that helps.

I just love the layers of colors I get.  I almost hate stirring it but you've got to get the parsley and kale mixed in otherwise it kinda hangs out at the bottom.  It's a bit like drinking pond sludge that way. Good for you but the consistency is yucky. 

So the past week has been a roller coaster for my emotions and health.  I hate it when I allow that to happen to me.  I think I'm on the upturn though.  I'm just the kind of person who can't help but let emotional stress get the better of me.  I want to change but since I'm nearly 43 maybe I just need to accept that I'm a highly sensitive person and I need to protect myself a bit better. Okay,  a lot better.

So here is a current picture of me!  Wrinkles, laugh lines and all my funkiness showing with my hair up in what I call my mom version of pigtails.  I've been wearing it up a lot since moving to East Texas-especially in the summer.  My goodness it gets freakishly hot here! I guess it's good to sweat out all the toxins my coffee enemas and juicing doesn't get out of me, lol!

Talking about coffee enemas... 

Have I ever told you just how much


Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without them. It is truly amazing how much they help with pain.  After years of doing them and now over six months of doing them every single day I think I'm getting close enough to feel that I can write you an in depth and educational post about them.  But until then... don't knock what you haven't tried. 

Today's plan is to finish this blog and clean house then run to town to get my son from school.  Oh... and then come home for a few hours an and then drive back to get my youngest.  I'm seriously upset with the high school that they won't let my middle son hang out in the library the last two hours of the day until the bus runs.  It's only another week and then he gets his drivers license and he can drive.  But until then and for the past several weeks I've been making TWO trips to town (14 miles one-way) for kids and school.  Yuk :( 

Oh, one last thing.  I want to give a  
(okay, I know I'm not Texan but I do live here :)

We Love You Jess!!!

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 The woman is truly and inspiration
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