Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

2012 is the 
Year of Enlightenment!  

The time has finally come for those of us who have been sleeping to awaken and join the Light!  And I, for one, am not ignorning this awesome calling.

For years I have heard a calling from the distance.  Soft and sweetly I've heard the whispers of the Old Ones, the Lightworkers, and others like me.  The past year the whispering turned a little chaotic.  Raw emotions flowed from me like molten lava or lightening more so in 2011 than any year of my life.  Listening was often difficult and as a stubborn woman I often couldn't see the forest for the tress and tried desperately to cut down the trees growing so obviously in my supposed "path". To say I didn't deal with my feelings is an understatement.  The past couple months my emotions started reaching new highs (and lows) and my life became a roller coaster of craziness mixed with calm serenity. One day I'd have a pretty good idea of what I needed to do.  Other days I rebelled against myself, my family and my husband without listening to them or spirit.

I've known for awhile that this year would be different, and not just because of all the "end of the world" stuff related to 2012.  I've been so busy just getting by in this life that I forgot to look to the future and BE in the moment.  2011 I tried harder than I have in years to "be in the moment".  It's hard for me as I have a tendency to live in the past.  I've worked at learning to Love, Let Live and Let Go. I'm no where near close to perfecting it but I believe I've worked through some of the hard parts. 

This year I am focusing on bringing to fruitation what I've been called to BE in this lifetime.  The seed of my Being was planted so long ago and though I've watered it sporadically, this year I will tend to it every single day.  I will water it with love, fertilize it with knowledge and care for it like a seedling Oak that will someday grow into a strong tree with her roots firmly planted in Mother Earth.  I will forever be learning and growing, growing and learning.... and at the same time, teaching, loving and giving to you and to the world.

I am dedicated to You.  I AM your fountain of Love and Light!