Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm still here and I'm still RAW!

This is just a quick post to let "Ya'll" know that I'm still here and I'm pretty damn fine :)

Life is so much BETTER when you not only find but start following your true life path. 

Being Your Authentic Self.

It's truly AMAZING!  I am so much happier on a deeper level than I've been in... well, as long as I can remember.  Oh, I've been "happy", people, things, experiences have "made me happy" but I'm not sure if I was ever happy with myself.  My core. 

I woke up recently, literally from the drugging of this so called "life".  I'm not sure if it was from eating raw foods again, from the daily enemas and detoxing of my body or if it was from the coming of 2012.  But I DID, FINALLY WAKE UP.  Just after Christmas I had a dream so vivid, so real, that I knew that I had to get to the place where the dream was my reality.  I am working towards that reality everyday now and I am truly and it's strange to say this and literally mean it... I feel at peace. 

I know that I've had a few emails and responses to my blog thanking me for helping them, or asking me to help them.  I have to admit, it's tough for me to answer.  Life is such an ongoing challenge.  Everyday brings something new and different to deal with and heal from.  Past lives to toxic body's to energy fields.  We are always dealing with something.  I am working towards helping others.  I feel that is where I need to go, what I need to do not only for others but for myself.  So, I promise, I will get to you soon.  I haven't forgotten about you and I never will :)

So.... What am I doing lately?

  • The MOST IMPORTANT THING:  ENEMAS!  Whether they be coffee or otherwise.... People, the #1 way to cleanse your body and your spirit is to detoxify your body through enemas, colonics and hydrotherapy.  End of story.
  • I've been eating a small amount (less than a cup) of cooked organic steel cut oatmeal gruel for breakfast flavored with local honey and a dab of organic yogurt and cinnamon.
  • I am drinking juice MANY times a day.  A cup or two every hour or two or as long as three in between... but SEVERAL every single day.  If I use my juicer is almost always carrot apple.  If I'm making a smoothie it's almost always just greens, a fruit and water. 
  • I'm eating a salad once a day.  Just lettuce with a light dressing of flax oil and lemon juice.
  • I've QUIT eating the following: nama shoya (also known as Braggs amino acids or coconut aminos, any of those) and SALT.  I have also limited my olive oil SIGNIFICANTLY.  And I eat a few bites of avocado maybe once a month.  I'm getting my fats mostly from the flax oil, a dab of olive oil here and there and the yogurt in the morning.  And I've also cut my nut intake - even though they are sprouted or soaked nuts only anyway, I've still cut them to nearly an 1/8 of my previous intake.  
  • I'm eating seasonally.  Right now I'm eating a ton of citrus from the store and the greens are from my greenhouse and gardens (Yes, I'm thankful to live far enough south to still have cilantro and arugula growing from self seeding in my front gardens.
  • I'm meditating every single morning. 
  • Drinking my homemade KOMBUCHA nearly every day.
  • Other than the morning oatmeal I'm eating everything else RAW.  I'm not cooking anything anymore. I'm not even eating the Hippocrates soup at the moment.  But I think that's just because I got bored with it.  It absolutely helped at the time however :)
Does all of this help and make me feel better?  YES, ABSOLUTELY!

What am I drinking now?  a green smoothie of spinach, arugula, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, apple and lemon.  I can feel the SUN inside of me :)