Thursday, June 7, 2012

What STRESS does to the RawFoodCowgirl

Talking on the phone one of my favorite things

It's not good, I can tell you that much.

Wow.... It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Sorry bout that! I'll just get to the dirt of the situation and tell ya'll that there really are only a few reasons why I occasionally don't blog for months at a time.  The best reason is that I'm doing great and frankly just feeling too good to be bothered writing about being "sick".  Then there are the times I think that maybe even though I am feeling great I should post anyway... and then I do a quick search and find tons of other blogs about RA, Fibro or Raw foods and I figure that everyone else probably has better and more knowledgeable information for you so I just don't. The last, and worst reason that I sometimes don't blog is that I'm actually not doing well and I feel like a hypocrite telling you how to eat and what to do when sometimes even I can't keep it up!  Don't get me wrong here... IF I could keep up eating as I recommend and exercise and stay away from alcohol I would more than likely be totally healed by now.  However, I'm not perfect, I have issues just like anyone and I just can't be perfect ALL THE TIME. 

So... that brings us to...

 Just how have I been since my last post? Well, the answer isn't cut and dried.  Lol.  If you follow me you will undoubtedly realize that nothing I do is simple.   

This was taken just before I quit exercising
After my last video I went on juicing and eating great and just being darn great for awhile.  So well in fact that I ACTUALLY FELT SO GOOD I STARTED EXERCISING! Yes! Actual exercising.  And not just little stuff.  I was doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Shred It with Weights. Plus walking 2.5 - 5 miles a day.  Plus more weights 1 or 2 days a week.  Though during that time I never lost a darn pound -I did absolutely changed my shape... a little at least.  I actually could start seeing muscles and could absolutely FEEL them which was just awesome! I started on March 26th and worked out at least 5 days a week up until May 17th when I suddenly stopped because I spent the week cleaning house for my middle son's high school graduation.  During that time I also became incredibly over-stressed (ex-husband and his family coming to Texas first time and ALL my in-laws but none of my family).  Between the stress, suddenly stopping exercising and then stress-eating (breads, sweets and cooked vegetarian) and the stress-drinking (wine, beer, hard liquor, the whole deal) that I started up again to numb/push down my anxiety and panic, by the day before graduation.... I had created a self-induced (though unintentional) freaking FLARE! :(
My most favorite juice: pineapple, spinach, ginger

I went from AWESOME to SHIT in exactly 7 days ALL FROM WHAT I ATE AND DRANK and of course the stress too.  So if I (or you) never truly believed I was curing myself by eating raw these past FIVE YEARS then that week should have proved it once and for all. 

So, yes... THIS DOES WORK.  
But like everything else in life, 
WE won't get results unless...

That being said, starting tomorrow I'm going back to DOING THE WORK. Follow along if you like, I enjoy the company :) 
And as always, I promise, if nothing else... an interesting ride :)