Thursday, March 20, 2014

April 2014 I will be housemates with Reiki Rob and neighbor to Dan McDonald.

Life has recently blessed me with a series of synchronicities that only The Highest Powers could have showered upon me!

Last Tuesday, April 11th I was awakened by my newest Spirit guide, The Green Man and also by my longtime guide, Iowasa.  They told me to get on Craigslist and look for a house share in Sedona, Arizona.  They pointed me towards an ad, which I immediately called.  I talked to a woman named CaraMarie and as we talked I explained that although I'd been wanting to move to Sedona for years, I hadn't seriously thought I could do it because of lack of money and a job.  She asked, 'then why did you call?'  I replied that my guides had told me to call and that I was a psychic, medium and energy healer.  She paused several seconds then said, 'I know why you called.'  She explained that just the day before she had heard of a job opening at Mystical Bazaar for both retail sales and psychic reader.  She gave me the number and I immediately called the shop where I talked to the manager for a half hour.  I then emailed my website and more information to the owner.  By 7:30 pm that night the owner had offered me a week of trail work at her shop!

Over the course of the week, the job opportunity was pulled because she needed retail help immediately but said that when I am moved to and settled in Sedona that she would like to meet me and discuss a possible job as a part-time reader/healer.  Also, during the week, I realized the first woman I talked to was not the best house-share opportunity for me.  My guides reminded me of a post I'd glanced at about a house share with "Reiki Rob".  I called him on Sunday, April 16th, he answered and we talked only a few minutes because he was in the middle of something and that we could talk more later that afternoon.  While I was hoping to distract myself from waiting for his call I decided to catch up on my Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald YouTube videos and this is what I found... 

When the Powers of Spirit decide to make things happen it is truly a work of art that only they can paint.  I have longed for such blessings for years but was too afraid to ask for what I truly wanted because I felt that I needed to stay where I was to take care of my family and my youngest teenager.

It is interesting that although the wheels had started turning on this new journey, I was still feeling unable to continue the move to Sedona because I didn't want to leave my teenager. I knew that he was just as stuck as me and that I couldn't leave him feeling as I'd felt for so long.  It's interesting that at some point on that same Sunday, my oldest son mentioned that his youngest brother would be a terrific lifeguard back in our hometown of Kimball, Nebraska. That night I Facebook messaged an old friend there who runs the city pool.  At 8:30 Monday morning I checked my messages and saw that she had replied and that she'd love to have him as a lifeguard this summer but that lifeguard training started Tuesday night!  Within 4 hours of waking up Monday morning, my son was on a flight to Nebraska to spend the next six months with my parents. Although we were all kinda in shock, I could see just how happy he was.  He was no longer stuck.  He was starting a new chapter of his life and although he looked a little nervous I could see and sense his excitement.  We gave each other a gift that day without even realizing it.  The gift and opportunity to BE OURSELVES, to find ourselves and to find our HAPPINESS.  

It's now Thursday, April 20th, 2014 and my rent check is in the mail to Rob for the month of April.  Although my ego is a worry-wort, my heart, soul, spirit and the guidance of my Spirit Guides has given me the hope and belief that this is not a temporary move but the beginning of the rest of my life.   The place where all roads of the past have brought me to.  I am finally in a place in my heart to understand that I did a terrific job raising my boys to be all that THEY are.  That I have taught them unconditional love of not just others but for themselves.  And finally, I have learned that although I am separated from my beloved children by the physical locations of the earthly plane, that we are never separate, We are All One, and that my love for them and they for me is never ending. 

It is MY time for me to grow, to give myself unconditional love and to awaken to ALL that I was created by the Love and the Light to BE now.  This is my Path.  And I am ready.