Thursday, March 20, 2014

Follow up and Review of my "40 Days to Physical Spiritual and Emotional Reset

I just wanted to update you and give you the low-down on my 


and I wanted you to know that it went terrific!

I decided not to continue blogging about each and every little thing, every single day but I did continue journaling. Oh, there were a few days that I didn't.  There were several days I never got around to yoga and admittedly there were a few days I didn't meditate to the extent that I wanted to.  Chanting kinda fell by the wayside and my ego does feel badly about that but Ganesha understands that I always come back.  

Now... how did the diet portion go you are wondering.  Well, I did not do it exactly as I'd originally set out to but I did what my body needed.  That is something we all need to understand.  We need to do what our bodies need, not what the latest diet fad is, not what the most popular food guru says we should do, but what our physical bodies need at their core.   

So this is what I did as far as my 'diet'.  
  • I drank only smoothies for the first 20 days
  • I transitioned from smoothies to 100% raw food for 5 days, eating mainly fruit and salads for one meal at lunch and smoothies the rest of the time
  • The last 15 days I drank a smoothie or juice for breakfast and ate 100% raw vegan the rest of the day
And the best news of all.... (wait for it...)  I'm still 100% raw vegan and I feel amazing!  I now remember all that I loved about being raw and I feel that this time I will not faulter.  I've lived through and experienced food addictions all over again in a much bigger way than ever before.  I've recognized and acknowledged what foods, situations and emotions pull me away from being raw.  It's not an easy road for me, especially in the living situation that I've been in all these years.  Living with SAD eaters and having my foods looked at as 'gross and disgusting' is just nearly impossible to deal with.  Yet, I've learned these past 40 days to remember to LOVE MYSELF.  I am a goddess of the Love and Light and All that Is, Was and Ever Shall Be.  I am created in perfection but I am still in a physical body and partially limited to the laws of this physical world.  I've learned that I am most important to myself and my diet and lifestyle choices are what keeps me healthy, alive and open to Love, Light and Spirit.   This lifestyle, this diet of 100% raw vegan foods... this is what keeps my physical body in the Light and free from aches, pains and issues dealing with the auto-immune disease that I no longer acknowledge as a permanent part of my life.

My 'diet' of 100% raw food was not all that worked towards my reset.  The journaling was huge!  The prayer and meditation was a necessity and continues to be every single day.  I intend to work towards bringing yoga into my life everyday as well.  My move to Sedona and living with a yogi should absolutely help me on that path!  My chanting I hope to continue on the rocks around Sedona.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that I released 15 pounds over those 40 days and continue to lose a pound every few days.  I'm down 20 pounds now and look forward to the next 20 pounds coming off before summer so that I can wear my shorts from two years ago when I was at my best weight of 160.  I know that living in Sedona, the yoga and the access to hiking will help those last 20 pounds just fall off and I'm excited about that little physical (ego) bonus.

But what I want everyone to know, what was MOST important on this 40 day reset, was that although I re-found my perfect way of life (100% raw foods lifestyle) it was finding myself, resetting my spirit and emotions (I'll blog more about those emotional rollercoasters at a later date) that really has made all the difference in my world. 

Blessed Be My Loved Ones!!!