Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The countdown begins! 72 hours to My New Life!

The sink is full of dirty dishes.  I promised to sweep and mop the hardwood floors. I have washed all the clothes and bedding. I need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen really well before I take off so my husband has a clean and organized house.

My packing is not finished but my car is already nearly full.  I still need to pack my clothes and all my kitchen stuff and superfoods - oh, and my oil and water paints. 

Yet all I can think about is SEDONA and the life that is awaiting me there. 

I found this picture online and it's not mine but the words are mine.  I used to think I was a failure.  That I wasn't good enough.  That I was weak and a follower even though my lion heart felt differently.  I AM strong.  I AM good enough.  I AM a leader of my own Path.  And I can't wait to get in my car Saturday morning and head towards everything that awaits me on the path that I've been forging for all these years.  Who knew that the shy and sensitive little country girl from Nebraska would someday be a 45 year old recently empty nester, newly separated (from her second marriage), raw foodie and Mystical Sage on the verge of the most fantastic and solitary journey of her life.  Not me.  I'm grateful for all my "mis"-steps in Life because without them I'd not be where I am today.  My future holds so many unknowns but I'm ready for them because I head into it with an Open Mind and a Heart full of LOVE.